Why We Should Give

What Scripture Teaches about Tithes and Offerings:

A tithe is a concept that was introduced in the Old Testament (Numbers 18:21-29).

To “tithe” is to give one-tenth of your income (your “first fruits”). Scripture emphasizes the priority placed on giving. Giving more than one-tenth of your income would be considered an “offering”. 100% of all of our resources come from God. He asks that we faithfully bring 10% to the church to grow His kingdom. He generously allows for us to keep 90% of our income. As a Christ follower we view the giving requirements of the Old Testament law as something to be exceeded. Therefore, giving a tithe should be viewed as the starting place, not the finish line.

The Apostle Paul reminded the Corinthians that Jesus is the ultimate model in giving:


Periodically, we need to do a self examination. We do not need to answer the question on how much to give, but decide on how much we should keep.

Giving to Midway Community Church:

Tithes and Offerings support the ongoing ministries of the church, our missionaries in the field, the continuing operation and maintenance of the building and campus facilities, and the church staff. The budget for this General Operating Fund is set forth by the Elders and approved by the congregation of Midway Community Church each November for the following calendar year.

Gifts designated to the Building Fund go directly toward reducing the principal owed on our remaining mortgage debt. Ongoing monthly mortgage payments of both interest and principle are part of the General Operating Fund budget. Gifts to the Building Fund are sacrificial and should be made above and beyond tithe giving.

1 Corinthians 9