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Youth: Winter Retreat 2019

Jesus calls his people to follow Him, to live differently, and to carry a clear message of hope. On this retreat, our high schoolers will look into the Word to see what the Lord says about being awake – when so many people around us are asleep. Awake to opportunities to grow, awake to opportunities to serve, and awake to opportunities to share.

We will be leaving Friday, Feb 15 @ 3pm.  Please eat something before you arrive; we’ll eat a light dinner in Helen once we get settled.  We will provide all meals on trip but you may want to bring some money for snacks or souvenirs if we go into town.  We will be back on Monday, Feb 18 @ 3pm.

We will be staying at two cabins in Helen, GA.  Guys and girls will be at separate headquarters.  I don’t know the address yet (they won’t tell me until the day before we leave!) but we will be in cell phone contact.

The cost is $75 and can be paid the day we leave.