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    Youth Ministry: Haiti 2017

    This summer our High School Ministry will be serving the Thomas family and the work of the Haiti Christian Development Fund in Fond-des-Blancs, Haiti.

    June 26-July 3





    Why are we going?
    We have the opportunity to help the church of Fond-des-Blancs impact their community by helping with some development needs at the church, school and local farm. This year we will also by sharing the Gospel through Basketball Sports Camps.

    Where are we staying? What are we eating?
    The Thomas’ guest house in Fond-des-Blancs. There are four rooms with bunk beds, two bathrooms, and a shared meeting space. We will bring food for breakfast and lunch and enjoy local fare for dinner.

    What will be different from what I’m use to?
    Travel will be difficult, and we’ll do a lot of walking. Showers will be cold, and we’ll have to go get fresh water everyday. Basically, you’ll just have to be prepared to be flexible and adaptable.

    What is the cost?
    The cost for the trip is $700. This includes Airfare, Lodging, Meals, Ministry Costs, Travel Costs, and Insurance. A sample Support Letter will be provided for you if you want to send those to friends and family.

    What do I need to do in advance?
    Get a passport and talk to your doctor about proper immunizations. You’ll also need to fill out a Commitment Form and return it to Marc by April 9th. A final detail is that parents will need to complete a Letter of Consent and have it notarized before we leave.

    How will we prepare?
    Our team will meet five times before we leave to spend time together in the Word, in prayer, getting to know one another, and talking about details of the trip. Attendance is required – dates are listed on the Commitment Form.