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Join Us For Bible Study This Sunday!

Adult Bible Study Offerings:

The Andrew’s Class (Adult I) (Biblical Study) – Room 117/118
Taught by Ron Young
Lifeway’s “Explore The Bible”
Currently studying; “Revealing The Heart of God”.
This study focuses on the Old Testament books of Hosea, Amos and Jonah.
Beginning in March, “Entrusted With God’s Good News”
We will explore the New Testament books of 1st Timothy, 2nd Timothy and Titus.

Adult II Class – In Sanctuary
Taught Currently by Dan Smith
Where Is My Bible? Getting back into the word in 2013.

Adult III Class – Room 112 (Conference)
Taught by John Blomquist
Way of the Master – A course that emphasizes the use of the Ten Commandments as a
method to share the gospel. It also has some apologetic components.

Adult IV Class (Topical Study) – Room 103/104
Taught by Travis Echols, Clayton Slagle & Chris Caldwell
In this study, we are looking at the issue of gender roles in the church and how more than
20 influential scholars such as D. A. Carson, Paige Patterson, Elisabeth Elliott, Vern
Poythress and others have produced the most thorough response to date in the book,
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.

Adult V Class (Doctrine Study) – Dean’s Office – 1st Door on Right at Entrance
Taught by Dr. Richard Howe
Studying the doctrine of “Once Save Always Saved.” No guarantee, however, that on any given Sunday we won’t be on the hot pursuit
of the truth of some other salient issue.

The Wise Women’s Class (Adult VI) – Room 110 – A Class for Women of All Ages
Taught by Linda Rogers
Book of Proverbs